7 Essential Steps to Stay Motivated

A body in motion stays in motion. But it isn’t always easy to get started. Finding new ways to keep yourself motivated is a big part of any fitness lifestyle, and especially with CrossFit. We tend to push ourselves hard in every workout, so it’s only natural to start noticing some resistance when the going gets tough. If you’re ever doubting your commitment, or just need to boost your morale, these tips can help:

1. Recall your why. You started your fitness journey for a reason. Is it because you wanted to feel more confident lounging by the pool? For having more energy when you play with the kids in the backyard? Maybe you wanted to feel better so you could take longer hikes more easily and enjoy some great views on vacation. It could just be to get off those prescription meds. Whatever your reason, let that be your guiding light. Remember what matters so you can keep moving toward it.

2. Set realistic milestones. It’s not hard to understand that outrageous goals are a problem. When you aim too high and don’t hit the mark, you’re going to feel bad. You’re more likely to stay motivated when you’re consistently reaching the checkpoints you set for yourself. Now, that isn’t to say you should make things too easy. Find that middle ground, and you’ll have a better chance of having an optimistic outlook from week to week.

3. Put pen to paper. There are loads of studies that say writing down your goals helps you stay focused and achieve them. After you reconsider your milestones, take the time to jot them down so you can read them on a regular basis. Tape them to your bathroom mirror, to the dash of your car, or set them on your desk. While you’re at it, you might want to write down a good motivational quote or two.

4. Check your content. Just like how what we eat affects our body, what we read and listen to can have a big impact on our mind and attitude. If you’re slipping into a fitness funk, you might benefit from adding a little motivation content to your daily routine. Turn on a good podcast or pick up a new book on personal growth or building character.

5. Honor the calendar. Blocking out time for each session is a good tactic to keeping on track, but it only works if you actually follow-through. (Go figure.) When you put something on your calendar, stick to it! Whether that’s coming into the box or planning your next date night, don’t skip doing the things that you care about. Be stubborn about your schedule. If you’ve already planned to work out, don’t let errands or a business call get in the way. More often than not, those things can wait.

6. Keep it fun. That being said, you can’t only be strict and hard on yourself. You’ve also got to be kind to yourself and think about what you want and need. You won’t want to work out if you don’t like the environment, if the people are off-putting, or if it’s just a boring routine. Find the right box for you, and then mix things up and stay motivated with little incentives. Treat yourself to a protein shake after your session or invest in those new shoes you’ve been checking out. The little things make a difference.

7. Tap into your community. A supportive group can help build you up and also hold you accountable. If you’re struggling with discipline, let your CrossFit community know. You’re not alone in this, so be sure to speak up if you need help. A few text messages throughout the week from a friend or planning a private coaching schedule can go a long way for staying motivated. If we can help, be sure to send us a message.


A Beginner’s Guide to CrossFit

You’ve heard people talking about CrossFit. You’ve seen the word on buildings around town. Maybe your cousin or co-worker or that old friend from high school has been posting CrossFit posts on social media. But what is CrossFit, anyway? How is it different? Why should you care?

To give you the most basic explanation possible: CrossFit is a fitness lifestyle. From there, we can then define “fitness” in a number of ways. We have physical skills, athletic performance, and energy systems. CrossFit embraces fitness on multiple levels. You could say that what makes CrossFit different is that it isn’t about specializing in just one thing. CrossFit is inclusive and diverse. It also builds some of the most fit people in the world.

So what does that look like? Let’s start with the general fitness skills first. These include everything from your power and speed, to general coordination and flexibility. In CrossFit, measuring fitness isn’t just related to your cardiovascular endurance or your strength. Physical fitness is so much more than just how fast you can run or how much you can lift. It takes all the parts functioning together. That’s why CrossFit training looks at each physical skill both individually and collectively. Your sense of balance impacts your accuracy, just as your body’s agility can help or hinder your stamina. Basically, we use CrossFit to address all ten physical fitness skills, not just one or two.

The next component of CrossFit relates to variety. We’re building our physical skills in order to handle an infinite number of fitness challenges. CrossFit training allows us to perform tasks at a high-level, all while avoiding repetitive behaviors. And as we build our physical skills, we can start to improve our athletic performance in all types of scenarios. You might say we want to be “ready for anything.” Unlike other exercise regimens, we’re not training for one, set thing. We’re becoming fit in a way that lets us take on any challenge—not just a predictable routine.

Finally, the CrossFit model also considers the three metabolic pathways. For simplicity’s sake, think of these as your high-powered, moderate, and low-effort activities. Some actions require a lot of power, but only last a few seconds. Others last a few minutes. That third batch takes even longer. Once again, CrossFit aims to develop all of these measurements. We don’t want to focus only on the long-distance running or the heavy deadlifts. Giving attention to each of the three energy systems helps us maximize our own level of fitness.

And there you have it. CrossFit is about practicing those core physical skills, taking on a wide variety of challenges, and exploring the three types of fitness engines. Of course, reading about CrossFit isn’t the same as experiencing it first-hand. If you haven’t stepped out of your comfort zone yet to try CrossFit for yourself, we’d love to have you visit us at CrossFit Stone Wall. Everyone who does CrossFit was new to CrossFit at one point. Let us help show you the ropes. Send us a message so we can clear up any questions, or just swing by for a chat. We look forward to hearing from you!